QR codes are a technique and strategy that reached the market and remained as one of the strongest trends in marketing and positioning of products, brands, companies, among others. Currently, they are no longer printed only on brochures, but in any tangible place. Today we will show you how to use QR codes on stickers and labels.

QR codes give you a way to reach your customers and give as much information as possible, if you start evaluating printing them on stickers, you can adapt it to the size of your products, and start providing information in a simple and fast way.

QR codes on stickers and labels

Customized QR codes can be used on stickers and labels for bottles, food, boxes, or any commercial product you have.

-Digital media presence

Nowadays all companies and businesses must have a presence on the web. Although printed advertising still takes place in the market, nowadays it is important and indispensable for social media. QR codes on stickers and labels are a perfect tool to guide your audience to online profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, any website where your brand is present.

Putting QR codes on stickers and labels, and also in many other places such as printed brochures, magazines, among others, is one of the most used strategies today in companies and businesses to increase audience and gain customers by distributing these that as a result generate visibility of the brand in a short time through the scanning of the QR code.

-Call to action

Through QR codes you can let potential or current customers know everything your brand or business has to offer. Close to the code, you must place something that motivates you to scan it, so then in this way, you can direct people to your social networks, buy, have information, win coupons, among others. 

-Content with offers or promotions   

You can incentivize your target audience through offers that don’t always have to be based on cash or gifts, with QR codes you can link customers with excellent virtual content that enhances your brand image, discounts, free downloads.

-Increase visits in your web profiles

Your brand and your message can generate interest and offer more than just scanning a QR code, it makes it easy for customers to URLS your website, whether it’s directing them to your home page, a video, a contact form, or an online store.

-Much more information in less space

This was the goal of the invention of QR codes, a way to have unlimited information in just one QR code. If as a business or brand you need to offer a large amount of information, the use of QR codes on stickers and labels is the ideal option.

     The QR code is the ideal bridge to make your brand and products known.



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