About Us

The use of QR codes is nowadays almost something primordial in these times of pandemic. The best way to offer contactless menus is to implement QR codes in your restaurant. In My QR Restaurant Menu, the publication of your menus is done manually by our experts to ensure that each menu looks right and suits your restaurant’s needs.


We generate the QR code in 5 simple steps:


1) Choose the format or plan you will use.

2) You will need to pay for the annual service

3) Send us the current restaurant menu in the required format

4) The team will edit the menu within 24 to 48 hours the menu and send a link with the new URL and the QR Code in printable form.

5) The restaurant visitors scan the QR code. They will go directly to the micro page developed for the restaurant where your updated menu will be.

Sales Team

Tony Baldo

Jhera Hidalgo

Brenda Zavala

Massiel Chirinos

Emiro Castro

Cris Ruiz