In PayPal, you will find the option to make payments with QR codes.

The payment with QR codes in Paypal is not new. What is new is its initiative to make it easier for small businesses or local commerce in this pandemic COVID-19. It allows you to pay in any trade or establishment as long as the seller also uses the system and has a QR code generated from the PayPal app and can be displayed printed in the store.

The transaction is done on the spot and in real-time, so the seller can check at the same moment if the payment and the amount paid by the buyer are correct. 


How does Paypal QR code payment work:


-The store or merchant must obtain its own Paypal payment QR code.


-This code is printed and placed in visible places in the store, such as checkout counters or cash registers.


– The buyer scans the QR code using the mobile app on his smartphone and enters the amount to be paid.


-Both the buyer and the seller receive instant notification of the result of the transaction.


Advantages of payment with QR code


-The merchant has a unique QR code for all his sales.


-This QR code can be used as payment for home deliveries.


-You only need to install the app on your smartphone to scan the QR code.


-No additional charges or commissions


-Security: No bank or credit card information is provided.


-Reduces risk of contagion of COVID-19 as there is no contact.


The use of cell phones has become an everyday thing. More and more users use them to make purchases over the Internet, but obviously, they want to do it safely. That is why this type of application that allows Paypal payments through QR code is perfect for online stores to adapt to all kinds of customers and devices without having to make a great expense.

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Now you can make payments by scanning QR codes.