What are the advantages of using QR Code for my business?

Printing your restaurant menus has a cost, a cost that every time you update it you have to incur again. In the menus generated in My QR Restaurant Menu there is only one annual cost and you always have 4 updates without annual cost.

Printed menus deteriorate, get lost, and could generate problems due to unsold products. This does not happen in My QR Restaurant Menu since the menu is digital and can be seen directly on the customer’s cell phone.

If I want to update the information, do I have to create a new QR code?

No, the QR code will always be the same, since the QR code is associated with the URL that was generated when you created your account. As such, you do not need to change or reprint the QR codes as they will always work.

How is the procedure to use the service or membership of My QR Restaurant Menu?

The idea is that you choose the plan that fits your needs and possibilities. For businesses that are just starting out we recommend the Simple Menu that has all the items on the same page as I sent it from a word document.

If on the other hand your dishes have good pictures you can take advantage of any of our plans where they are promoted with pictures.

Once you choose the plan you proceed to pay the membership, then you can go to the section to upload the menu information according to your possibilities.

Once you submit the menu then the design team will build your microsite and create your custom QR code. Upon completion within 24 hours then you will receive an email with the information. In case you do not receive a response within 24 hours you can use the whatsapp chat for further information and support.

In what format can I get the QR Code?

The QR Code will be sent to you in JPG. If you order the Flyer we will also generate a special design where the QR code will be included so you can put them in the Insert in the table.

How long does my QR Code last after it is generated?

The code never expires, but the page will be available for the next 12 months, 30 days before it expires a renewal invoice will be sent to your email. And if it is not renewed it will be deactivated after 12 months. 

Once you pay the renewal the page will be reactivated with the last valid content.

If the page is not renewed, when the customer scans the QR code he will receive an error and will no longer be able to read the restaurant menu. However as you know the annual plan is very convenient and affordable, there is no excuse for not renewing the plan as it is very economical.

How long does it take to generate my QR code?

Once the membership is processed and the menu information is sent, you will receive the QR code within 24 hours. And the menu will be generated online associated with that QR code.