Share information with your customers.

Almost any channel is valid to reach potential customers: advertising, sponsorships, and multimedia insertions of all kinds in social networks, blogs, online media, apps, and much more. In this case, QR codes are a very interesting tool to get the best results.


QR codes (Quick Response) are barcodes capable of storing certain information types, such as URLs, SMS, Email, Text. Thanks to the rise of the new smartphones, these QR codes are currently very used.


Most smartphones have good enough browsers and data connections to display a mobile web page. But trying to type a URL on those little keyboards correctly can become a challenge. That’s where QR codes come in, as they eliminate the need for typing, but you need a scanner application already installed. It then takes a minute to open the app before pointing the phone’s camera at the code.


Whether you have a restaurant and want to share your menu or like to share important information, with a QR code, you can share any file with a PDF QR code


Undertake your projects with the help of your PDF QR Code


When a person scans the QR code, the file is immediately downloaded to their cell phone. QR codes are perfect for sharing files with your customers, fans, attendees, volunteers, or anyone else you need to provide information to.



Customize your code


Increase the number of scans you get by making your QR code unique. Add your brand logo, colors that identify with your business, use a URL shortener to make it easier to implement, get creative.


Measuring performance


The QR code facilitates statistics to see how well your QR code is performing. When was it scanned? Where was it scanned? How many times was the file downloaded? 


Do more!


-Once you’ve created your QR code, you can customize it with your branding.

-Customize it with colors and logos.

-Edit the short URL.

-Download it in a variety of image formats.

-Password protect it if necessary.

-Connect it to your Google Analytics account.

-Add a redirect page with your brand message.

You can also create a landing page design template to use with your codes and more.


Take advantage of all the benefits of using your QR code as a PDF


The use of these codes has many advantages that we should not ignore:

-Innovation: Anyone with a Smartphone can use them because they are free both when generating and reading them.

-Ability to synthesize: QR codes have a lot of information in each one, so they facilitate communication dynamically and according to the new forms of communication.

-Versatility: QR codes can be modified. This means that you can remove or add information at any time.

-Wide coverage: QR codes can be used on almost any medium: buses, bus shelters, screens, cards, paper, and everything we can think of.

A QR code can be the key to success to take off in a business, increase sales, promote a website, customer loyalty, or whatever the goal. Undoubtedly, these codes are a simple tool that can make a big difference in your business results.